Towing Vehicle Insurance

Insuring your Towing Vehicle

Did you know? The law says your motor insurance policy has to include damage and personal injury caused by a trailer when it’s being towed on a public road. That includes when it’s accidentally become detached too.

That’s why third party towing liability is available with several of our towing vehicle insurance policies, so you can get completely legal & protected in one place. Not all insurers provide third party towing liability for business use so always remember to check.

Bear in mind that you’ll need catering trailer insurance for when the trailer isn’t attached to your towing vehicle too.

Insuring your Towing Vehicle

What does your towing vehicle insurance cover?

Business Use

Business Use

Protection for your vehicle while you use it for business purpose

Third Party Towing

Third Party Towing Liability

Protection in case your trailer causes damage during transit

Optional Breakdown

Optional Breakdown Cover

Protection for your towing vehicle
for breakdown recovery

A little extra help…

Make sure that all of the details of your occupation are correct on your towing vehicle insurance policy – even if you only do catering part time. Otherwise you might not actually be covered for business use. And always make sure that your policy covers the trailer that you’re towing for breakdown recovery too. You can always ask us about this stuff over the phone on 0121 603 2524.

Get your protection 100% right with expert advice

Every time you talk to NCASS you get tailored insurance advice from experts. We’ve been working as and with caterers since the 80’s and we really want to help your mobile catering business be safe, legal and profitable. Some other insurers won’t walk you through exactly which policies and covers you need, and you’ll end up paying for it later. That doesn’t happen at NCASS.

What level of cover should you get for your towing vehicle?
The choice is yours…

Protect your towing vehicle with the highest level of cover. You’ll be covered even if someone else causes damage to your towing vehicle, no matter how they do it.

Third Party, Fire & Theft
This is middle ground protection for your towing vehicle, in case your vehicle damages someone else’s, or if a thief damages your vehicle during an attempted theft – including fire damage.

Third party
It’s cover for damage to others, but we’d rather you had a higher level. Give us a call and we’ll see if we can do all risk protection cheaper for you.

Additional benefits…


Up to 65% no claims bonus


Cover available for any age driver


Up to 15% off for NCASS members


Discounts available for fitted trackers


Protected no claims bonus


Call 0300 124 6866 for your quote
Protect your food business. Protect your future.

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