Towed Catering Trailer Insurance

Catering Trailer Insurance

If your mobile catering trailer gets stolen or damaged, you’re probably going to be up ship creek without a paddle. Don’t get left with huge bills to pay and no way to make a living.

We hope nothing terrible ever happens to your business. But if it does, we want to make sure that you’ll still be able to continue bringing your food to the people who love it.

Protect your mobile catering trailer against fire, theft & damage. Protect your future. Get towed catering trailer insurance.

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Insuring Your Catering Trailer

What does your catering trailer insurance cover?

Trailer policies are arranged to cover your trailer and its fixtures and fittings all under the following…

Accidental Towing

Accidental Damage While Towing

Protect your trailer
even while it’s in transit

Malicious Damage

Malicious Damage

Protect your unit against
stuff like vandalism

Fire & Theft

Fire & Theft

Protect your trailer against
thieves and fire

Get your protection 100% right with expert advice

Every time you talk to NCASS you get tailored catering trailer insurance advice from experts. We’ve been working as and with caterers since the 80’s and we really want to help your mobile catering business be safe, legal and profitable.

Some other insurers won’t walk you through exactly which policies and covers you need for your catering trailer, and you’ll end up paying for it later. That doesn’t happen at NCASS.

What level of cover should you get for catering trailer?
The choice is yours…

All risk protection
Protect your catering trailer with the highest level of cover. You won’t see this from every insurer.

All risk excluding theft & malicious damage
This is middle ground protection for your catering trailer, including cover in case your unit is damaged accidentally or by fire. You could be eligible for a 50% discount on this cover. Call us!

Third party
We’d rather you had a higher level so give us a call and we’ll see if we can do all risk cheaper for you.

Additional benefits...




Up to 15% discount for
NCASS members


Extra discounts for
additional security




Easy payment term including direct debit


Call 0300 124 6866 for your quote
Protect your catering trailer. Protect your future.

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