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Specialist protection for mobile caterers

At the Nationwide Caterers Association we’re all about looking after caterers and our insurance policies are just one of the ways that we’ll protect you.

We’re actually the UK’s only trade association dedicated to supporting mobile caterers and street food sellers. Our mission? To provide traders with all the information, systems and support they need to be profitable, safe and legal. This is our story.


Back then:

The Mobile and Outdoor Catering Association was formed (remember the MOCA days anyone?) to provide a central source of general and technical advice for mobile caterers.
Our chairman Bob Fox joined MOCA as secretary but kept running his mobile food businesses on the side.
We introduced Europe’s first Due Diligence system for mobile caterers – it’s what the current big white NCASS folder has evolved from over the years.
Bob became chairman of MOCA.
We took on production of The Events Guide to provide caterers with hundreds of event listings and contact details to help them find more mobile work. These days it’s called The Outdoor Events Directory and contains more than 2000 events.
We started offering hygiene training courses to members to help increase standards within the industry.
In response to demand for representation from caterers in other sectors, MOCA became NCASS.

And now:

  • NCASS supports and advises more than 2,600 UK mobile caterers.
  • Thousands of caterers & their staff gain triple-accredited NCASS Training qualifications every year.
  • Caterers work and earn more because we send them work opportunities via text message.
  • Our members save time & keep their business legal with the full NCASS due diligence system.
  • We protect mobile catering members under our primary authority partnership.
  • Traders connect with environmental health teams and event organisers through NCASS.
  • We help caterers make important decisions and give them all sorts of information over the phone.
  • Our members get huge discounts on trusted suppliers’ products – saving them thousands.
  • Caterers protect their businesses with thousands of NCASS insurance policies every year.
  • We provide association members with a legal and financial helpline whenever they’re in need.
  • We supply employment contracts and templates to help caterers trade legally.




Sound like something your business could benefit from?

If you think your business could benefit from dedicated support, extra work, training qualifications, money-saving discounts, legal documents and so much more, please do give us a ring on 0300 124 6866 or take a look here. We love getting to know caterers and we know your business will benefit massively from our support. PLUS! NCASS members get up to 15% off our insurance policies. You could pay for your membership just through your discount on insurance!


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