Insure your Mobile Catering Business

Insure your Mobile Catering Business

You’d insure your car and your home against loss, theft and damage – why not your livelihood too?

When you own a catering business, loss, theft and damage are three horrible things which can have a devastating effect on your business activity and consequently your revenue – that’s if your mobile catering business isn’t insured. As your business is your livelihood and main source of income, it is crucial that you are insured with adequate protection covers in case something were to happen. This is why we have worked over the past years towards being able to offer you policies for all sorts of mobile catering units, so that you can take some of the fear out of business.

Mobile catering insurance covers for fixtures and fittings, fire damage, accidental damage and theft are all available from NCASS Insurance.

Liability Insurance

Protection for the public, for your staff and for you…> Find out more

Trailer Insurance Plan

For trailers that have to be towed by another vehicle…> Find out more

Vehicle Insurance

Insurance for hot food vans, burger vans and more…> Find out more

Street Food Insurance

Cover your street food business for peace of mind…> Find out more

Mobile Bar Insurance

Insure your mobile bar so you can trade worry-free…> Find out more

Static Kiosk Insurance

Protective insurance for static kiosks selling food…> Find out more

Outside / Buffet Insurance

Insurance for outside catering or buffet businesses…> Find out more

Fleet Vehicle Insurance

Got 5 or more units? Insure them all together…> Find out more

Towing Vehicle Insurance

Insurance for food fans, trucks and large cars towing catering trailers…> Find out more

What type of catering business do you own?

Whether you own a mobile catering business or a fixed catering business such as a cafe or restaurant or a pub, NCASS Insurance over insurance policies specifically designed with your exact type of business in mind.


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Up to 15% discount for NCASS members


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Protect your mobile catering business. Protect your future.

Every time you talk to NCASS you get tailored insurance advice from experts. We’ve been working as and with caterers since the 80’s and we really want to help your mobile catering business be safe, legal and profitable. Our insurance broker partner, will be walking you through the policies details and explaining the cover options available to you. It is then your choice, knowing that you have an understanding of the insurance you require. You can then make an informed decision, knowing that you have best and most adequate protection for you specified type of catering business.