Catering Trailer Insurance – Food Trailer Insurance

Catering Trailer Insurance – Food Trailer Insurance

Catering Trailer Insurance - Mobile & Static

Catering trailer insurance for mobile & permanently sited caterer’s trailers and portable cabins.

At NCASS our catering trailer insurance policy is specifically designed for mobile and fixed food catering trailers, including portable cabins.

Key benefits

  • Hitch Lock & Wheel Clamp Only for values up to £15,000
  • No forms or photographs required
  • Choice of Cover
  • Easy Payment Terms Including Direct Debit (no deposit required)
  • 25% Discount for NCASS Membership

Options to Include


  • Mobile Catering Trailers
  • Permanent Sited Catering Trailers and/or Static Units

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Mobile Catering Trailer Insurance

When running any catering business involving a catering trailer you are going to need some kind of insurance protection. If you have a high value capital item (such as a trailer) that can be left unattended for any length of time, you are likely to need dedicated catering trailer insurance.

Cover includes the trailer, fixtures and fittings and offer discounts for security fittings in addition to a no claims bonus of up to 20%. You can choose to extend your policy to include optional cover for money, loss of stock and frozen food and catering liability insurance.

In the event of the towing vehicle breaking down and needing to be recovered, many standard type policies do not offer vehicle breakdown and trailer insurance combined. This could leave your catering trailer at risk if it has to be abandoned at the roadside.

Operating a mobile catering enterprise can expose your business to theft and other risks, causing your income to plummet as a result. To avoid this kind of unnecessary headache it is really important to thoroughly consider the security aspects of catering trailer ownership. The vehicle towing your trailer is also something you may need to consider. Since this is a towing  trailer being used for commercial purposes you should check with your current insurer that any towing van insurance you have includes cover for business use.

There are many products available to protect your catering trailer or food trailer from being stolen. Wheel clamping devices are popular and the most effective ones are Sold Secure Gold, which at the time of writing is the highest standard available. Fitting a tracker device to your trailer is highly recommended as this acts as a deterrent, and if your catering trailer is stolen it makes the process of identifying the true owner far easier and more efficient. Having a Datatag device fitted can also help when obtaining insurance on a catering trailer.

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Whether you have one catering vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, you can get an instant quote that matches your specific insurance criteria. We are the experts to seek advice from when searching for the ideal catering insurance cover for fleets, providing you with excellent insurance services regardless of the number of vehicles you wish to insure. With our caterers fleet insurance cover we will arrange the most competitive deals for you and can provide full fire cover for hot food vans and Jiffy Trucks. Quick, simple and easy, our catering liability insurance policies can be arranged rapidly, giving you instant catering trailers insurance cover when you need it the most.