Catering Van Insurance

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Key benefits for caterers van insurance:

  • 65% mirrored no claims bonus
  • Six or twelve month cover option
  • Fixtures & Fittings covered
  • Full Fire Cover
  • Cover for any driver 25 years plus
  • 15% Discount for Tracker fitment
  • 7.5% Discount for Datatag fitment
  • Up to 10% of for NCASS Members

 Choice Covers: Comprehensive, Third Party Fire & Theft, Third Party only

Option to Include
Vehicle & Trailer Breakdown Cover

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 Public liability for mobile food services is a tremendous responsibility. In the course of trading catering vans can be held liable for food poisoning of all kinds, as well as property damage or employee injury. Without insurance, a catering van food service business could easily be forced into bankruptcy. Catering insurance companies understand the specific liabilities and risks involved in mobile catering, and catering van insurance is a complete necessity in outdoor situations. Specialist catering van insurers are prepared to offer a policy to protect a caterers van in the event of catastrophes as well as smaller claims if needed.

 Catering van insurance polices can protect hot food caterers and vendors in three ways:

• Public liability: Includes property damage as well as injuries resulting from catering business related activities.

• Employee liability covers any injuries employees might suffer on the job, including not only work related accidents, but also theft and assault.

• Product liability protects caterers in the event their product results in injury to customers. Accidental chemical contamination, e-coli, food poisoning, and other illnesses are all covered with product liability coverage.

 Additional coverage

Catering insurance companies that offer hot food van liability policies also provide many other benefits under this type of policy. Catering insurance specialists can issue cover to meet almost any catering van situation. Insurance for all sorts of ice cream vans, snack vendors, and mobile catering vehicles are part of this type of insurance. Cover is available for damage to catering company property, fire, theft, vandalism, or accident.

Insurance brokers, who specialise in catering, or mobile catering, can tailor a policy to suit the specific needs of any catering business.

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